Project Plan

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This document introduces the Polymeric Network, a blockchain oriented protocol that offers Blockchain-as-a-Service to its users.

Since the appearance of Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain technology has become quite popular and many alternatives have emerged, that extend the "traditional" e-coin applications, to smart contracts, crowdfunding, etc.

The purpose of Polymeric is to combine the main features of the various altcoins into a system that is open to the users, and give them the possibility to instantiate their own individual blockchains and cryptocurrency, in parallel, each customized to its initiator’s preferences.

Polymeric is composed of a stable core, called "Quartz", which provides basic blockchain services and the cryptocurrency that gives fuel to the network. Users create individual blockchains, called “Particles”, that can be configured differently (e.g. different proof algorithms, different fee policy, etc.). Although heterogeneous, Particles are linked to each other and to Quartz, with the “Molecular” framework.

Molecular can be thought of as a middleware that allows cross-chain validations and transactions, thus allowing the creation of powerful distributed applications, such as cloud storage and big data management, publishing networks, social networking, etc.