Polymeric Network stands for a new way to interact and operate with the blockchain technology and the entire digital currencies environment. As a project that needs a long term support, an ongoing research and development and has a target to maximize the usage of the blockchain tech, requires funding to become a sustained project across time.

The Polymeric Network team will launch two funding rounds, a Pre-Sale round made at the early stages and a Crowdsale. Participants on both funding rounds will receive their share from Quartz, calculated equally based on their investment.


The Pre-Sale round will start on February 15, 2017, and will last till the March 24, 2017.

To join the Pre-Sale visit this link:

Main purpose of the Pre-Sale round is to gather funds in order to support and sustain the project for a specific period of time, covering expenses and launching the Crowdsale.


Crowdsale will occur in the second quarter of 2017 (Q2). The purpose is to give to a larger audience an easiest and simplest way to participate in the Polymeric Network, providing all the needed informations and help the participants to easily understand the concept and evaluate why such a network is important in this new digital era.