Molecular is a framework on top of each blockchain and is used to identify, verify and index blockchains of the Polymeric Network.

Every blockchain will have the ability to create bonds, where will be used to cross-link blockchains making the Polymer Networks feasible. The bonds characterized by the properties of the blockchain set upon the Genesis Process.

Specific rules can be applied to the Molecular providing extra abilities for the entire network. Intranets could be deployed by setting a private connection to specific peers and also, public data can be served as a new form of Web. For example, a bond can be found when the user sets his owned blockchain as public through the entire Polymeric Network. In that case, Molecular matches this blockchain with other public blockchains and distributes this ledger across the Polymeric Network.

Molecular can index specific elements across the Polymeric Network, creating and sustain several networks, setting them on top of Polymeric Network in a parallel manner of existence. Particles Metadata will be the keys that Molecular will lookup to identify bonds.

The Molecular will be integrated into the core and as a standalone Java App. It will be used as a bridge to achieve connections. Molecular will read the state of the blockchain according to the Genesis Contract and whenever is guided will retrieve or share the data across the Polymeric Network and will operate the given tasks.

As a standalone Java App can be used as a public spot to serve the network as a tracker, making this way the network accessible for usage outside of the network, from the current web.