Each blockchain within the network will be presented as a Particle. Whenever a blockchain is issued, characteristics will be set upon creation that will identify the properties of this specific Particle.


On the launch of a blockchain users will input the specifications of their owned blockchain.

Specifications will be a set of elements that will be following the blockchain in its entire existence. The most important element that needed to be set on a Particle is the publicity status. There are three options available, Public, Private and Semi-Private.

The Public Particle

A Particle that will be considered as Public is a blockchain where the entire history (Ledger) will be shared with anyone who would like to participate on it. The Public Particles can be used to carry over data in a decentralized way, data accessible by everyone. Public Particle is writable by everyone that participates in the Polymeric Network and follows the rules to apply changes in the Particle.

The Semi-Private Particle

The Semi-Private Particles are blockchains generated by two or more users with a common access rule for the participants to join this blockchain. The Semi-Private Particle will be generated whenever a user interacts and communicates with another user of the Polymeric Network, establishing a secured and uninterruptible layer of communication between shared endpoints.

The Private Particle

The Private Particle is a blockchain maintained and executed by a single entity in order to satisfy the needs of establishing a secure and accessible database (a.k.a. blockchain) over the internet, preventing third parties from accessing the data carried by this entity.

Genesis Contract

Upon the Genesis of the blockchain, a Smart Contract will be created known as the Genesis Contract. This smart contract will generate an address without the need of a private key. It will carry the informations that Molecular will retrieve in order to identify Bonds. Rules will set by the issuer such as the Publicity Status (Public, Private or Semi-Private). This Contract address will be a non-usable address and will work as a burn address.

Particles Metadata

On every Particle, there will be a set of Metadata values. Each value will specify a given set of characteristics readable by the Molecular. Those values will include writable details such as Name, Group, Peers List and custom values set by the owner.