Polymeric Network

Polymeric is a network where multiple, independent blockchains can exist in a parallel manner, carrying their own characteristics and shaping its form to fit with other elements of the constructed layer.

A single blockchain of the network can be deployed by a single entity and maintain the historical transactions made throughout its entire existence. Each blockchain could have important characteristics that will increase the efficiency and the usage capabilities, providing an architecture where the blockchain will be used as the backbone of the infrastructure, applied in real-world as a turnkey solution, elevating the digital environment with all the benefits arrived from the blockchain technology.

Features such as Smart Contracts and Arbitrary Transactions can be used to enhance the infrastructure of an operational service which is totally relied on blockchain.

Blockchains within the Polymeric Network would be able to cross-link with each other generating networks where will exist and operate independently, without a central authority to oversee or attempt to apply any changes.

The Polymeric Network will have all the characteristics of a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), delivered as a Software that will let you develop and deploy Blockchain Applications.

Businesses and Enterprises can take the advantage of distributed ledgers to develop and deploy blockchain applications by using Polymeric Network without the need of a third party to be hooked on their service. Individuals can also use the Polymeric Network as their owned BaaS solution to learn about the blockchain and the tech behind of it, test it and securely store their own data onto a "Cloud" strictly secured by their own terms.

The Polymeric Network will be designed and developed in Java, a language that is the most used programming language across businesses and one of the most popular programming language in the world.