Synthesys is a custom layer created specifically to generate a decentralized web that will exist within the Polymeric Network. A layer designed on top of the Molecular that will index specific elements from the Particles and serve content across eligible participants.

A combination of predefined properties will be used to launch blockchain that will be a part of the Synthesys. Those predefined properties will be the key to index Particles made for the same purpose.

Main elements of Synthesys

Synthesys is using the below elements found within a single blockchain.


Content Stored on the blockchain


User Profile on the blockchain

Smart Contracts

Contracts on the blockchain

By retrieving the above elements the Synthesys will be able to identify content shared with the purpose to exist on a net in a decentralized way of existence. The social networking will be a "Core" element of this new form of web, a web that will arise as a result of the infrastructure made by Synthesys.