Use Cases

Blockchain As A Service

The Polymeric Network can be described as a BaaS, a mechanism where everyone can launch and maintaining his own blockchain to cover his personal needs or launch a blockchain based Service. Tools to easily set, launch and manage blockchains will be provided within the core of the Polymeric Network as a unique feature.

Resource Existence

A simple blockchain can be used by the end users to serve as a proof of existence carrying over the content and the resources verified by the owner.

Social Networking

A single user can launch his own blockchain to keep a record of his own "Social Life", sharing the content publicly or privately with others. The blockchain can be used to secure this content and enhance the communication layer between two or more entities.

Messaging Service

A messaging service can be created to serve as an alternative, secured and decentralized way to instantly interact and communicate with others in direct or group messaging within the Polymeric Network.